Economy Santa Maria BBQ Pit Grill 30″ x 21″

Santa Maria Style BBQ. Designed and Fabricated by JD Fabrications. Our pits are completely welded together eliminating all bolts. 12″ deep, 21″ wide, 30" long. Constructed of heavy 12 gauge steel. The crank guide stands 24″ off the rim of the BBQ pit giving you over 34″ of adjustable cooking height. This grill can cook 11-13 tri-tips or 12-14 half chickens. All our pits can be customized please contact us with your ideas and we will make your dream BBQ pit.

Santa Maria BBQ Grills are designed with an adjustable grill height control allowing you to choose from an unlimited amount of temperature ranges. Our wood of choice here in Santa Maria is coastal live red oak wood but these grills will work with other woods, charcoals, or gas.


• 12 gauge steel
• ¾” 9 gauge expanded metal flat
• Stands 36” off the ground
• Colson “USA MADE” tires
• 1/8” wire
• adjustable wire clamps
• 5/8” thick Crank Bar
• Over sized compression spring capable of holding over #130lbs weight.
• Rust-o-leum high temp paint “USA MADE”
• 2 year limited warranty excludes rust, warping, and paint chipping.

Our pits do not include shipping. Please contact us for a freight quote. We will invoice separately for shipping. Current LEAD TIME for pit 2-3 weeks.

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